R I T U A L D E V E L O P M E N T V I R T U A L S E S S I O N 

In this session, we will work together to design custom self-care rituals that fit your life, intention and goals for mind, body and spirit. Taking a deeper step into becoming your own healer, this session is designed to up-level your vibration and live more purposefully, peacefully and in harmony with your dreams.

We will draw from ancient healing practices, modern science and spiritual support for your mind, body and spirit. We work on sensory development and clearing energetic and physical blockages that may be getting in the way of your innate ability to heal.

Why choose this session? You can connect from the comfort of your own home to begin to work deeper to reduce anxiety, soothe stress, address female reproductive issues, grow spiritual connections and more. Let's chat.

60 min // $95