Iron Maven Gemstone Essence + Tincture - 1/2oz.

Iron Maven Gemstone Essence + Tincture - 1/2oz.


Courage + Strength + Consciousness

Iron rich jasper holds primitive algae fossil often credited for the oxygen rich environment we enjoy today. Beautiful dark red with swirls of white, green and pink - with gemstone properties that support success, physical movement and blood cells.

Gemstones were infused with local small-batch distilled apple brandy aged in virgin oak barrels. The composition provides a mellow sweetness in taste and energy with a vibrational alignment that feels oneself at home in courage and consciousness.

This variety of jasper was first discovered from the Mary Ellen Mine on the Mesabi Iron Range in Northern Minnesota. After 6 full moon cycles, this tincture is a powerhouse for Women.

Chakra support: Root, sweetness, power and heart

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