Moon Cycle Feminine Support Intensive Oil - 4 oz.

Moon Cycle Feminine Support Intensive Oil - 4 oz.


Promote balance for the divine feminine and moon cycle. Moon Cycle Feminine Support is an intensive care oil for women to nurture and soothe the body, mind and spirit. The healing elements of the oils in combination w/the gentle touch of the application massage moves towards a divine calming and cooling to the powerful cycles that occur within the female body. 

METHOD: An adapted castor oil pack method = gentle massage into the abdominals and lower back/kidney areas prior to a dip into a warm bath to soak. To be used throughout the month as needed w/the exception of the flow days of the cycle (menstruation / first few days of the moon cycle).  

Organic castor oil, organic Haitian vetiver, organic French cypress.

4 oz. 

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