Ayurvedic Crystal Tincture - Walk The Dragon - 1/2 oz.

Ayurvedic Crystal Tincture - Walk The Dragon - 1/2 oz.


Walk The Dragon is a composition of bloodstone, tangerine quartz, rutilated quartz, aventurine, carnelian and bloodstone that have been selected by the stone vibrational frequency, chakra alignment properties and attributing qualities. 

Walk The Dragon intention:

·       Step into your power.

Vitality, courage and motivation to move forward w/target focus and clear mind in the present moment. Promotes transformation thru darkness and challenge to let go past let-downs in order to take a chance. Passion to grow an artistic or niche opportunity w/understanding of inner-self. 

Each individual crystal as well as composition batch of Ayurvedic Crystal Vibration Tinctures have undergone new and full moon Vedic rituals and energetic ceremonies throughout their infusion process to promote optimal clearing and alignment. 

All Crystal Vibration Tinctures are released in small-batch quantities. 

Energetic boost to lower 3 chakras - root, sweetness, power - promotes grounded empowerment and sweet connection to self. 

VIBRATIONAL REMEDIES… enhance the effects when use w/ meditation and visualization practices.

METHOD: 2 drops under tongue 2x daily. If sensitive, cut dose in half and work up to 4 drops as desired.  Walk The Dragon can be energizing so earlier in the day may be most ideal. 

Small-batch Apple Brandy. US Domestic spring water

CAUTION: Please keep out of reach of children. Contains 9% alcohol. Crystal vibration tinctures hold the intention of support for subtle energies of the mind, body and spirit. Please consult a medical health practitioner for health/medication inquiries. See FDA Disclaimer for more info. 

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