Ayurvedic Crystal Tincture - Metaphysical Manifest - 1/2 oz.

Ayurvedic Crystal Tincture - Metaphysical Manifest - 1/2 oz.


Metaphysical Manifest is a composition of laboradorite, citrine, fluorite, gold rutilated quartz and rose quartz that have been selected by the stone vibrational frequency and weight, chakra alignment properties and promoting attributes.

Metaphysical Manifest

·       Call in your stars.

Connect to your heart and intuitive nature to grow love and passion in creativity. Spiritual alignment and mental clarity to promote emotional self-healing to call in the next steps in life. A mellow bridge to spirit and the cosmos. 

Each individual crystal as well as composition batch of Ayurvedic Crystal Vibration Tinctures undergoes new and full moon Vedic rituals and energetic ceremonies throughout their infusion process to promote optimal clearing and alignment. 

All Crystal Vibration Tinctures are released in small-batch quantities. All ingredients have been sourced responsibly and thoughtfully including small-batch hand-crafted apple brandy from the Heartland of the US. 

Chakra support: All w/emphasis on power, voice and third-eye

VIBRATIONAL REMEDIES… enhance effects when use w/ meditation and visualization practices.

METHOD: 2 drops under tongue 2x/daily. If sensitive, cut dose in half and work up to 4 drops as desired.  

Small-batch Apple Brandy. US Domestic distilled spring water.

CAUTION: Please keep out of reach of children. Contains 9% alcohol. Crystal healing tinctures hold the intention of support for subtle energies of the mind, body and spirit. Tinctures are not intended as a medicinal treatment or cure - Please consult a medical health practitioner for health/medication inquiries.


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