Cash or check preferred, all major credit cards accepted.

Parking + Arrival:
Street parking is available. When you arrive, floor 1 is the lower doorbell. If you arrive early, and weather permitting, have a seat on the bench on the front patio. 

Space + Dogs:
If you have any allergies to dogs, please let me know right away. There are two dogs that live at House of Heartland that may want to greet you.

24-Hr notice is kindly requested; it is my policy that a 60% fee may be applied for no-show or late cancellation. Waitlist is contacted for open appointments. 

Pre-Session Preparation:
Arrive with freshly cleansed body, face and dry hair. I kindly request no synthetic fragrance or perfume to respect the sensitivities of the people and space. Sessions hold the intention to nourish and ground for balance, oil blends have optimal energetics when used with less sensory information for the body, mind and spirit to process.

Wear cloth that you do not mind getting oily from transference after session. A hat or headcover are optimal. A bottle of water in your bag or transportation. Plan a mellow day/evening following your session, a route to continuing healing benefits of self-care.