Oil SelfCare Rituals



Using oil as part of a daily skin and body care routine has been a practice of healing since ancient times. There are so many options with modern day skin care however most products are not as clean and close to earth as oil. Our body would rather have oil than chemicals and complex compositions for potent results. Our oils are made for hydration and replenishment for the stresses of modern times by way of old world healing practices.

Body + Face Oil

Our oils can be used daily on face and body, a little more on a home selfceare protocol can be found on our journal.

Moon Glow Feminine Intensive Oil

A specially composed alchemy to soothe heat in the sacrum, low back and hip areas for women during times of high heat and discomfort. It can also be used for breast massage to encourage detoxification and heart opening. For those who have a high volume movement practice like yoga and dance or just sore from workouts, this oil is wonderful for soothing joints.

For 1:1 custom protocol development, in person or distance, please reach out to book a session with our owner and creator, Rachel Lyn. As an experienced healing arts practitioner, she can guide you into an optimal routine for you.