Handcrafted oil compositions (all products used are organic or wild-harvested with combinations) infused with crystal vibrational remedies… 

Current offerings:

Maha Rose - daily Ayurvedic body oil - smooth and deeply nourishing, this daily oil support the divine feminine. Organic rosehip seed, evening primrose, wild-harvested vetiver, organic sweet fennel hold a rich glide based in organic sunflower. Composition is assisted with rose quartz vibration for balance.

$28 // 4oz. 

Moon Support - Intensive Oil - Soothe and nourish with a bath ritual. Self-massage over abdominal and low back while resting in warm bath, heat and healing properties of the water will encourage deep relaxation of body and mind allowing for cooling of the feminine reproductive system. Organic french cypress, wild-harvested vetiver, organic sunflower, sustainable castor oil with crystal quartz vibration for clarity.

$32 // 4oz. 

Primavera – daily body oil - soothing and crisp notes dance into a warm calm. Italian bergamot, French lavender, vetiver, holy basil with howlite essence vibrational attunement for dimensional clarity.

$22 // 4oz.

La Vie en Vert – daily body oil – refreshing and bright with grounded earthiness. Rosemary, French cypress and clary sage, wild-harvested vetiver, organic sunflower with chrysocholla vibrational attunement for expression of the heart.

$22 // 4 oz. 

Woodland Bloom - herbal aroma oil - a woody brightness easily carried with you throughout the day. Richness of piñon pine, silver fir, juniper and spruce with a floral blend to brighten with rose absolute. As a roll-on aroma oil with respiratory system soothing and opening, use before breath work or to refresh throughout the day. 

$17 // 1/2 oz. 

Available by order - Please inquire direct for purchase or see stocklist. Online shop coming soon.