Make Manifest Guidework Series

A deep dive into selfcare and restoration. Clearing pathways to open to creativity, fulfillment and balance. The journey of self transformation or living a high vibrational life is one that can bring many obstacles. I’m here to offer you guide work to clear what may be blocking you in your efforts to grow. By nourishing your home, body, mind, spirit and heart, amazing alignments can take place.

An offering that begins with a 1:1 session for protocol development. Together, we will layout a plan of healing sessions, workshop education sessions and tools for you to reach your goals in creativity and feelings of productivity through alignment of mind, body, spirit and heart. Each offering below can be selected more than once in a protocol depending on the clients individual intention.

The Guidework Series allows for variety and is available in person or by distance, depending on your location. If you’d rather make a protocol completely in one category below, we can do that too.


  • Radiant Heart Healing Session (90 min integrative healing sessions with bodywork, craniosacral therapy, vibrational energy healing, reiki, breath work and guided visualization. Each session is unique and results are cumulative) Based in Minneapolis

  • Ayurvedic Oil Massage (deeply clearing and nourishing, lymphatic movement and nervous system soothe with herbal and botanical oils bespoke for you) Based in Minneapolis

  • Earth Temple Healing: Ayurveda + Inner Wisdom session (daily self care rituals as they connect to natural elements, the human senses and perception) In person or distance sessions

  • Create Space: High Vibe Home session (feeling good in your space is so important >> read more) In person or distance sessions

  • Make Manifest Meditation + Visualization session (a meditation to attune the senses and rewire neuropathways to clear negative patterns and connect deeper with the creative senses)

Home care is an important part of this offering. There will be methods of healing to do at home with a timeline to follow. Depending how deep you’d like to go, the durations and sessions will vary for each client.

Goods that support your process:

  • House of Heartland Maha Rose Ayurvedic Body Oil

  • House of Heartland Gold Moss Spirit Brightening Body Oil

  • Nave Ceremony Bowl - House of Heartland collaboration w/Dame Errant Pottery for tonics and oils


Initial Consultation 90mins (includes mini Radiant Heart Healing Session)// $150

Get the Glow: 3 Offerings of Radiant Heart Healing Sessions + Ayurvedic Oil Massage // $425

Find Your Flow: 5 Offerings of Radiant Heart Healing Sessions, Ayurvedic Oil Massage + 1 Education Session // $710

Make Manifest: 8 Offerings of Radiant Heart Healing Sessions, Ayurvedic Oil Massage + 2 Education Sessions w/Follow-Ups // $1111

Let’s Align // Book Consultation Session