Self-Massage for Beautifying Body

Self-Massage for Beautifying Body

How much do you love feeling fresh energy moving through your body…think of when you’ve just finished a workout, yoga class or received a massage or bodywork. Incredible, right?! As a bodyworker, I absolutely love walking clients through a personalized body care protocol for home. Super simple ways to manage stress and feel more in the beautiful body of the present moment. Accessible techniques that you can do at home.

  • Dry Brush

    A wonderful way to begin your body care protocol. Should be done with dry
    (non-wet or post-shower) body to avoid causing too much stimulation to open pores. Starting at the feet and gently brushing up towards the heart. Circular motion around the joints - ankles, knees, etc. - and long strokes along the limbs. Once you reach the hips and abdomen, brush upwards over the bum towards the low back. Circular motion around the belly from right hip upwards, across just under the breasts and down towards the left hip. A motion that moved along with the digestive track to stimulate and encourage digestion. By encourage digestion and following the movements described, you’ll encourage the lymphatic system to clear out what may be getting in the way of healthy blood flow and detoxification. Which will make you feel better!

  • Bath Rituals

    Soak in the tub (or shower if preferred) with your favorite epsom salts and/or a few drops of essential oil to enhance the experience. Lemongrass is a wonderful stimulant in late winter and spring to energize the mind, body and spirit. Vetiver is lovely for grounding. I’d also recommend lavender as a classic chill out addition. Adding crystals around the tub can boost the experience. I love rose quartz for bath rituals. Heart opening and encouraging for self-compassion. Something that is so wonderful for feeling the body and honoring the present moment of self love.

  • Botanical Mist

    A luxe boost to your ritual may be to spray the entire body with a beautiful toner. Personally I love Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner or Evan Healy Hydrosols. The plant energy in these up-level crafted mists will surely move you into feeling like to goddess you are.

  • Self-Massage w/ Body Oil

    Here we go! Use as much oil as you’d like. On average per 1:1 session I use about 3 ounces of botanical body oil. An option to warm the oil by placing the oil bottle in a small bowl with warm water. You may want to do this before dry brushing to allow the oil to warm up. You may like more or less depending on the level of dryness you’re experiencing. Following the same rhythm of the process for dry brushing, massage the oil in allowing yourself to take time. Holding your hands over body parts that may need a little extra love. Low back, breasts and abdomen can feel incredible with a little bit of pressure and holding with the oil on hands and body. I’d recommend one of the House of Heartland body oils, especially the Gold Moss Body Oil if you like a gentle earthy aroma. Personalized body oils are also available by appointment with a deeper intake and ritual development conversation.

Enjoy this time with self, allow your creativity to move through the glides along your beautiful curves. Feel how varying pressure effects you and learn about tender areas that may bring froward emotion. A completely normal experience. One that at times can hinder our diving deeper into self as it pulls forth vulnerability and opens us to change or see ourselves in a different light. If emotion comes forward allow yourself to move through it - tears, laughter, smiles and more - all a part of your process. You are amazing and deserve to experience connection to all aspects of self. Breathe in. Breath out. And move into a space of care.

So much love to you on your journey. Xo
Rachel Lyn

Inspiration List: March 2019

Inspiration List: March 2019