Crystal Healing: Science and the Woo

Crystal Healing: Science and the Woo

So I’m going to dive right in… Light is vibration. The entire electromagnetic wave spectrum of visible light is vibration of different frequency. Gemstones and crystals capture and shape light, which projects energy. So basically, the measured science and the woo are the same thing. Let’s look at how science and woo-woo weave together.

The way a gemstone can capture your attention is truly magnificent in and of itself. Without knowing why exactly, this piece of mineral magic catches your eye… you’re drawn in. Consciousness captured and alignment with the vibrational frequencies are completely possible, if you're open to the experience. Sometimes the stones work on healing by color and sometimes by vibration. Trust how they make you feel, regardless of which sense is appealed. It’s only in the mind we decide there is a separation between reality or placebo … and that’s ok. What ever part of the theories, science and concepts behind stones that speak to you is truth. Again, the work that can be done with stones is so much about connected to one’s own intuition and mindful awareness. Attunement to self and sublties.

Have you ever noticed how some stones look like planets or the gaseous clouds that we see in the solar system? How incredible. Take laboradorite for example, it appears to have captured the northern lights. A story behind the stones appearance also moves in that direction. It also found in northern climates like Canada and Finland where one can see the incredible sight in person.

In my practice, I hold strongly that gemstones and crystals connect us to cosmic nature. A home beyond the home we know as earth. The outer limits and most esoteric aspects of our existence… simply we are stardust and light in water. We vibrate from these factors. The energy that moves through us is, of course, much faster than that of the subtlety of stones. As Dr. Vasant Lad taught me, we are crystals too. From this thought, naturally we would be able to align with the vibration of the stones for healing.

So why would one choose crystal healing and gemstone therapies? Well, many reasons and methods.

-       alignment with the stones individual healing properties… use in meditation, in your spaces, on the body

-       boost feelings of power and leadership

-       they can remove the clouds of confusion, stones hold ancient wisdom of both earth and cosmic consciousness… from this basis, they can guide you to your truth

-       crystals hold focus and store energy, they – as all things on the planet – desire purpose… work with them

-       assist with concentration enhancement by way of single pointed focus

-       unfolds clarity by feelings of compassion and love (love and clarity go together)

To get started. Go to a local rock shop and browse. See what stones calls to you. Whether or not you take it home, sit with it for a moment and notice how you feel and where you feel it. This homework may bring you some mighty good answers.


If this window into healing by way of crystals and gemstones is tantalizing to you, I’d love to invite you to join a class I’ll be teaching August 19th at Jewelweed in Wayzata, Minnesota. We will have a conversation around these ideas and look deeper into how to select and use stones in your own rituals and practices. As always, crystal healing is available for private sessions. 




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