Iron Maven: New Gemstone Essence

Iron Maven: New Gemstone Essence

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Last summer I ventured further north to Grand Marais, Minnesota on the banks of Lake Superior. The largest inland body of water in North America. She was incredible. The magic of the North Woods are unparalleled and absolutely worth the trip. Lands speak of an older time and healing is inevitable simply by being in such immense natural beauty. 

On this, my first to this part of America and my home state I has brought my first batch of oils and guided myself on my first product photo shoot. Confidence in my work was just beginning in the area of oils and what people may find appealing. Its so exciting to take on new endeavors and also brings up deep ideas of whether people will even like the offerings or find them healing and helpful. The lake held space for me to process some and I knew that I was on the path that was meant for me even if I didn't totally know what I was doing… but that is also part of the fun. Inspiration flows freely in Grand Marais, an artist community and travel destination. 

I was hooked. 

On my next trip up to study herbalism at the North House Folk School, I stopped at a little rock shop and found rich burgundy stones with small sparks of white, black and pink that I had never heard of before. I picked one up and immediately felt a sense of connection and courage, power fo self. Mary Ellen Jasper from the Mesabi Iron Range in Northern Minnesota. I wanted to amplify the vibrational healing I experienced so creation of an essence began. And now its here!

Assistance with guided visualization and meditation and much more...


Iron Maven:
Gemstone Essence & Tincture

Courage + Strength + Consciousness

Iron rich jasper holds primitive algae fossil often credited for the oxygen rich environment we enjoy today. Beautiful dark red with swirls of white, green and pink - with gemstone properties that support success, physical movement and blood cells.

With numerology in mind, the gemstones were infused with local small-batch distilled apple brandy aged in virgin oak barrels. The composition provides a mellow sweetness in taste and energy with a vibrational alignment that feels oneself at home in courage and consciousness.

This variety of jasper was first discovered from the Mary Ellen Mine on the Mesabi Iron Range in Northern Minnesota. After 6 full moon cycles, this tincture is a powerhouse for Women.

Chakra support: Root, sweetness, power and heart

Method Options:

Direct = 4-8 drops in water and daily in the am or direct sublingual.
Bath Ritual = place a few drops into coconut oil, apply to body + soak
Vital Energy Point Therapy = a couple drops direct to temples w/gentle facial massage

1/2 oz. // $22

Available direct or these fine businesses. Xo

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