Sunshine Kumquat Dill Aioli + Easter Healing

Sunshine Kumquat Dill Aioli + Easter Healing

As a Midwesterner, sunshine in any form is a moment of wellness this time of year. Sometimes finding the light by way of plants comes easier than direct rays. Easter has been an interesting holiday throughout my life. In my mid to late 20's, Spending time in the kitchen had been one of my favorite ways to spend time during holidays and long afternoons to which I could devote to a recipe or two. An activity that I had grown away from. I had begun spending holiday time and long days off studying and growing into the healing arts. Digging deep into studying bodywork and myself with less focus on home and hearth. Healing by way of the work within and with clients in other areas of life and self. 

One illumination that continues to come forward is the reflection of modern times in mind, body and spirit - no matter the industry of business or life path - a great amount of energy is required of people today. I could feel the that I needed to weave home-making with my practice in life to continue to heal. 

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Eventually being called to a reunited space called the kitchen. A space folk healing of herbalism and Ayurveda know very well. A space I had missed very much. A space in everyones home where creativity can flow without words or screen time. A way to bring a little more healing into my home and the homes of clients through artful home projects.  

Spring is renewal. A process that lets what no longer serves be released and allows the tenderness of new aspects of life grow. Yes, it can be uncomfortable… beauty is that the effort is there just by being yourself, no analysis needed. You've already done the work. It's a gift of nature to blossom again. 


As the gentle bounty of Spring arrives in the form of fiddleheads, artichokes and early blossoms, the kumquat season comes to an end. These tiny tart bursts are quite strong, pairing them with a the sweet earth flavor of artichoke leaves and heart creates a dynamic zip. 



- 4-5 kumquats, chopped
- 1 teaspoon dried dill weed
- 1 garlic clove, chopped
- 1 T grapeseed oil
- 1/2 cup high-quality Mayo


Warm oil on low-medium heat. Gently sauté garlic dill for 1 min, add dill and kumquats continue to sauté until aromatic about 2-3 minutes or until soft. 

Cool dill-kumquat mixture in fridge 1 hour. Mix with mayo to serve.

Ideas for use: steamed artichoke, baked tempeh, walleye or pan-fish

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