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Citrine Summer Rooftop Meditation @ The Hewing Hotel
8:00 AM08:00

Citrine Summer Rooftop Meditation @ The Hewing Hotel

Join House of Heartland owner + healer, Rachel Lyn, with Gem Life under the vibrant Summer sunlight for a morning meditation at the Hewing Hotel Sunday, July 21st at 8am. 

Enjoy 60 minutes of guided meditation on the rooftop at the Hewing Hotel with healing arts practitioner Rachel Lyn.

We will explore elements of meditation tools including guided visualization by way of breath work, color therapy, crystal vibration healing and chakra clearing with activation. 

We will expand the mind's creative eye and connect with nature by experiencing one's own inner healing sanctuary by utilzing the Citrine Crystal. 

No meditation experience necessary. 

Space is limited


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Awakening to Abundance: A Multi-Sensory Community Healing Experience
4:00 PM16:00

Awakening to Abundance: A Multi-Sensory Community Healing Experience

Awakening to Abundance: A Multisensory Self-Love Community Healing

Ground and soften into spring with a heart-opening journey of meditation, sound therapy and hands-on alignment.

Manifesting abundance is a multidimensional endeavor. We might start with a vision board or a well-crafted intention … but we can’t stop here. Ultimately, our abundance flows most freely as we develop a deep trust in our authentic selves. To get there, we often have to peel back some pretty stubborn layers of self-doubt and resistance.

Join Rachel Lyn and Erin Anderson on an immersive journey of self-love designed to help you release barriers to abundance you might not even know you carry—so you can finally experience your unique magic more fully. 

During our 2 hours together, you will: 

  • Cultivate  tools for collective (and individual) self-care. 

  • Receive hands-on energy alignments of Reiki and CranioSacral therapy for greater awareness of the present moment as you restore. 

  • Experience the powerful balancing effects of Vibrational Sound Therapy (hand-hammered Himalayan bowls played and "sung" on your physical body).

  • Begin releasing old patterns and programming via guided meditation within a safe, sacred space supported by hermetic energy grids and sound healing using crystal bowls. 


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Full Moon in Virgo Meditation: Collab w/Sacred Space NE
7:45 PM19:45

Full Moon in Virgo Meditation: Collab w/Sacred Space NE

Moon Meditations are celebrated on, or near the New and Full Moon of each month. Sacred Space works with some of the Twin Cities' most inspired instructors to create a unique experience to help you tap into the potent lunar energies of these peak times of the month. Each event is entirely unique and are effortlessly harmonic with the rhythms of the cosmic thread. 

$30 pp // 75m

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