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House of Heartland is a high vibration apothecary and an offering of tools for artful living. A journal of wellbeing + metaphysical materials, oil compositions for body, mind and spirit, gemstone essences for meditation and guided visualization. Each body oil and essence composition has been carefully handcrafted for optimal vibrance of the plant and gemstone energies. A way for their healing vibration to connect with you along your healing journey. Also offered are integrative healing sessions with roots in Ayurvedic bodywork, Swedish massage, CranioSacral therapy, herbalism, vibrational alignments, fascial work, reiki and vital energy point therapy. As well as collaborative projects with artists and healers. 

What I refer to as Heartland exists beyond any one location. It’s about significance within an area and central to the sum of the parts - like our own heart center. Its expansive and holds what is most important, for inner and outer environments. These offerings encourage connection to the parts of ourselves that need nurturing of the creative and the analytical mind through connection with body and spirit. 

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As a woman of modern times with ancient wisdom as a compass, I'm on a path of nurturance and alignment for the unique life systems we all have as our daily guide. The Intention I hold is to promote optimal balance for high vibration energy and creativity. I offer a home practice in Seward, Minneapolis and self-care guided by nature and expanded consciousness through connection to self. 

Be well x3. 

Rachel Lyn    

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner
Owner, House of Heartland