A session based in the ancient healing traditions of Abhyanga - or Ayurvedic Oil Massage) - and Shirodhara for elemental balance - some feel that it promotes a euphoric effect. Intention for this service is encourage the body’s own innate healing ability. Abhyanga - warm herbal oil massage - with lymphatic strokes to address blockages in physical and the subtle energetic anatomy of vital energy points and the Chakra system. A hydrating and beautifying session.

Shirodhara - warm herbal oil stream over the third-eye - is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment to calm the mind and promote rest and repair for the nervous system. Chakra energy alignment through Reiki, which is attuned to the universal energy field, and vedic crystal healing are also incorporated. Many benefits are available including a more conscious connection to a natural state of peace. 

75min // $120 for Ayurvedic Oil Massage (Abhyanga)
2hr // $233 for Ayurvedic Oil Massage (Abhyanga) + Shirodhara

*Please note that this session takes place at the home studio of owner and founder of House of Heartland, Rachel Lyn, in Seward Minneapolis, Minnesota.